USV Legwear Inc. is a privately owned company that was established in 2010. Our head office is in Istanbul – Turkey.  We have offices in Brazil, Sao-Paulo  and in Kayseri – Turkey  also.With an emphasis on Quality, Style, and Value, we have developed and secured relationships with highly reliable, well established, modernized, leading socks and hosiery manufacturers in Sweden, Switzerland, France, Germany, U.S.A , Russia, U.K, Italy ,Spain and more European countries. These unique partnerships afford us limitless capabilities to deliver complete programs that benefit our customers. We also constantly seek other sock producer countries for reliable resources with better quality and price.

We produce private label socks with full finishing and provide them under a variety of Brands.

We have well established experience in producing the following styles:
    • Bamboo socks
    • Modal and micro-modal socks
    • Coolmax socks
    • Compression socks
    • Thermolite socks
    • Outdoor socks
    • Wool socks
    • Diabetic socks
    • Sleep socks
    • Antibacterial socks
    • Silver socks
    • Mercerized socks
    • Business socks
    • Casual socks
    • Thigts
    • 200 needle socks with double and single cylinder
    • 400 needle socks with double and single cylinder
    • Fashion design socks for ladies


Yarn types that we have reliable access
    • Combed , Carded and Open end cotton, Organic Cotton,
    • 6 and 6.6 Stretch Nylons
    • Acrylic: 100% and acrylic blended wools, and cotton,
    • Bamboo :100% and bamboo blended cotton,
    • Modal and micro-modal,
    • Tencel
    • Recycled yarn with cotton, acrylic and polyester,
    • Lambswool,
    • SeaCell
    • ThermoLite and Viscose
    • Silver yarn
    • Viscose cashmere
    • Cotton cashmere
    • Mercerized cotton 
Washing after production
    • Anti-Bacterial washing
    • Silicon washing
    • Aromatic washing

Machines In Service

Double Cylinder Knitting Machines (84, 96 needle-6 gauge and 102-168 needle-14 gauge, 200 Needle , 18 gauge)and Single Cylinder for fashion socks

We strongly believe that the yarn is the key elements in quality and economic cost, therefore we continuously search and follows new yarn technologies and yarn markets for better service to our clients.